How Obama’s State of the Union ideas are playing at City Hall

January 21, 2015

Gridlock in Washington has left much of the heavy lifting of governance to states, cities and towns. What do city leaders think about President Obama's State of the Union proposals? Judy Woodruff asks Mayor Stephen Benjamin of Columbia, South Carolina, and Mayor Richard Berry of Albuquerque, New Mexico what they hope to see materialize.

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Mayor Steve Benjamin Annual All Sports Weekend

  • Join us in Famously Hot Columbia for Mayor Steve Benjamin's Annual All Sports Weekend.  Whether you love Gamecock baseball, the steeplechase known as the Carolina Cup, or are an avid golfer or a skilled skeet shooter, All Sports Weekend will offer you a healthy combination of networking and recreation. Mark your calendars for March 26-28 and register today!

2015 State of the City Address

  • Watch Mayor Steve Benjamin lay out a bold, new vision for Columbia's promise. Watch here.

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